Monday, April 15, 2013

Central/Southern Oregon Trip Reports/Pics

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  1. If only we had a camera... Bree rocked the Lyman's surf wave on the Rogue River last month at pretty high water (5300cfs, bankfull flow). Meanwhile, it was all I could do not to flip over! Can't wait to paddle with her again - North Umpqua trip, perhaps?


    1. Hey Travis, that was a very unexpected blast that day, good times! I'm still figuring out when I can take a couple days during the week up around Eugene. If you can get away I'd go playboat the N. Ump.

  2. Dissecting Central Oregon is the Deschutes River named by french fur trappers for its many waterfalls. This river lives up to its name for the kayakers who are seeking the tremendous challenge that these drops present.

    In summer, the class IV+ Meadow Camp run starts 10 minutes from Bend and ends at Farewell Bend Park. In winter, the class IV Riverhouse run starts in town and runs 5 miles to Tumalo State Park. Both of these runs are technical and rocky, with endless learning opportunities. Dillon and Lava Island Falls are exciting class IV drops at winter low water and raging class V drops at summer high water.

    The Metolius and Crooked rivers have class III runs through alpine forests and desert canyons perfect for the summer heat due to the many cold springs that feed them. The upper Deschutes has several long scenic flat-water tours perfect for canoes.

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